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Traditional Japanese Dry Rock Garden

Creating a Positive Void

This garden was created based upon traditional Japanese dry rock design techniques which have been in use for over 500 years. This technique simply utilizes rocks and white sand to express the beauty of the natural landscape without vegetation, ponds or streams. 

This garden was composed using boulders and bridges.  The boulders represent the continents and the white pebbles represent the ocean and the movement within it.  The bridges represent a spiritual connection, long travel to other worlds and importantly friendship.   These elements are composed using asymmetrical balancing within the rectangle garden space, this emphasizes the importance of creating an empty space which we refer to as a “positive void”.

This Japanese garden was created to signify the friendship and partnership between the People of Japan and The Prudential Company, it is located in Newark, N.J.  It was designed by ZEN Associates firm principal, Shin Abe.

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